• FOUND IN 2009

    Founded in 2009
    rooted in Shenzhen and
    serving the world

  • High R & D Capability

    Committed to creating
    cutting-edge scientific and
    technological standards

  • Customization Designer

    The whole series of products
    are independently researched
    and developed

  • Test Machines

    The first highly intelligent and
    information based multi
    parameter medical equipment



Nuopuen Medical Technology,Contribute wisdom to humans' health

Mainly to develop and produce intelligent medical hardware, medical tablets, portable medical electronics, such as sphygmomanometer, infrared thermometer, blood sugar meter, electronic thermometer, electronic therapy instrument, weak laser therapy instrument, intelligent health electronics, graphene smart wearable products as the core industry field of high-technology enterprises. Nuopuen has been committed to creating cutting-edge science and technology standards to providing the highest quality products and services for customers who advocate a healthier and better life.




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